Sunday, June 24, 2012

Stargirl's Time to Move On

Not to say I'm old, but when did high school graduation ceremonies become such an extravagant affair? Stargirl, the #1 Niece, is about to leave all the high school hallways and classrooms behind her and take those next, big steps into growing up. This was no quick walk across the high school gym stage - like it was for my generation - though. Not even close; there were caps and gowns and local dignitaries and it was all grandly choreographed with an entry procession across the Simon Fraser University reflecting pond and down the grand stairway to Convocation Mall.

Stargirl's class was a rather large one. So, the most amusing aspect of the ceremony - as we waited for Stargirl's introduction in the M's - was that each of the students prepared a short statement to be read out as the crossed the stage. With 30 words or so to be thankful, pithy, wise, humorous or just weird, the range of insights was both amusing and rather astonishing in the range of approaches that the kids had to encapsulate all those years.

I heard at least three or four quotes from Dr. Seuss's "Oh The Places You'll Go" - which I'll admit rather alarmed me. I'd picked up the classic read for Stargirl, thinking that I'd cottoned on to a brilliant introduction to her life to come. It was starting to seem that everyone thoroughly knew its brilliantly catchy words already. Turns out that no one in our family, including Stargirl, had run across the book before. Saved.

After all the caps had been thrown into the air - again, I'm rather sure I didn't get to do that even at university graduations - we hit Stargirl's restaurant of choice: that old family favourite, Spaghetti Factory.

1181. 2008 Osborne Solaz Tempranillo Cabernet Sauvignon (Tierra di Castilla - Spain)

OK, so it's not a celebratory Champagne. It was the Spaghetti Factory and Stargirl doesn't even like wine - YET (if her uncle has any influence at all). But, I "needed" a drink even if she didn't and I'd remembered having a simple bottle of Solaz some years back. I recalled it as being cheap and cheerful - much like the Spaghetti Factory.

Indeed, I took a quick look at the blog and saw that a bottle of the 2006 vintage was added to The List at #328. That quick look also reminded me that there's quite the interesting story behind Osborne wines and their trademark bull. I won't go into that story all over again - seeing as how far behind I am in my posts - but I think it's worth a look-see and read of your own. The story is perhaps a little more interesting than the wine but that's so unique - and, again, I remind you that we're at the Spaghetti Factory where wine, in general, is good.

So, Stargirl experiences one of those landmark days in her young life and I drink a entry level wine. Here's to all the big times and better wines that Stargirl will encounter down the road. Oh, The Places She'll Go!

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