Friday, June 1, 2012

Repaying a Favour

1145. 2010 Masi Bonacosta (Valpolicella Classico DOC - Italy)

Oops. Looks like I've lost the couple of pictures that I took this evening. I know that I forgot to bring a camera but I did take a couple of shots on my phone. Lord knows where they've disappeared to though. I guess you'll just have to imagine the shot - a vibrant restaurant scene at Via Tevere Pizzeria, five handsome guys sitting in the corner, laughing and enjoying incredible pizza and a bottle of classic Italian wine. If Masi wanted a commercial to air, they couldn't have done better than this. That is, unless they could have added Boo to the picture. He had to work, unfortunately, and couldn't join in.

It's too bad that we don't have a picture or two because it was a grand evening. Our recent acquaintances from Hong Kong, Whaler and Dane, were passing through town en route to a business meeting in the States. Luckily, they were able to meet up with me, Axel and the English Doc. It was Axel that had introduced us in the first place and, as I'd mentioned a few posts back, Whaler and Dane were the consummate hosts and tour guides when we visited Hong Kong.

High end pizza isn't necessarily the first item showing up on Hong Kong menus; so, the boys were more than willing to take in this new addition to The Drive's dining scene.

Masi, of course, is one of the biggest names there is when it comes to wines from the Veneto and surrounding regions of Italy. Via Tevere may channel Naples from the other side of the country but who's going to turn down some authentic Italian grape juice to go with their authentic taste of Napoli? Not us.

There was a bit of a pub crawl after dinner (unfortunately, two bars counts as a pub crawl nowadays in the lexicon that is this old guy's life); so, it might be a good thing that we didn't have the camera with us after all. Those pics wouldn't have had any wine in them though. So, the odds of me posting them here are greatly reduced anyhow.

Too bad the boys' visit to Vancouver was so short though. They had to fly out the next day and we wouldn't get another chance to see them. Guess Boo and I will just have to head back to Hong Kong now.

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