Monday, June 18, 2012

Birthday Boo

It's Boo's birthday. Not that either of us are counting them any more. It's still an excuse to head out for the evening and let someone else do the cooking though. Since he'd dropped by to wish Boo a Happy B-day, Mr. D. joined us on The Drive.

Our new favourite in the hood, Via Tevere, wasn't open and there was a line up out the door at Memphis Blues; so the default was calamari and pizza at Marcello's. His birthday. His choice. And, when given a choice, you know that calamari is a given if it's on a menu.

1175. 2010 Zonin - Primo Amore Sangiovese Merlot (Sicily IGT - Italy)

I wouldn't say that Marcello's is renowned for its wine list. To be fair, I don't know many (if any) pizza joints that are. But how can you go wrong ordering a wine that translates as "First Love" for your man's birthday? We knew that Zonin is a big name, commercial winery and that this was an entry level wine, but its being a Super Tuscan-esque Sangiovese and Merlot blend - especially one from Sicily - intrigued. As such, we weren't expecting it to blow us away, but it was fruity and easy drinking and do we really need to ask more of a pizza wine?

Indeed, any moment that captures a little bit of the allure and romance of Italy is a good time for me. And any day that features calamari is a great day for Boo - whether it's his b-day or not.

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