Thursday, June 14, 2012

Must Be Something about CedarCreek & Pinot

There must be something about CedarCreek and Pinot Noir that sits nicely in our household. I took a look back at the wines on The List and this is the sixth CedarCreek Pinot to be added. Boo and I have finished off four vintages of the Platinum label Pinot so far - 2002, '03, '04 and '05 - and this is the second Estate Select vintage to be added to The List, joining a 2007 that we tipped back earlier.

That may be the most Pinot Noir that we've finished off from any one producer - which is somewhat intriguing since the Pinot isn't generally my favourite wine from CedarCreek.

1172. 2005 CedarCreek Estate Select Pinot Noir (VQA Okanagan Valley)

In any event, Pinot and BBQ salmon is a house fave and we happily filled our glasses with the CedarCreek - making Boo even happier because it opens yet another somewhat older bottle.

While talking "age," one thing I quite like about CedarCreek is their posting of a Maturation Chart where they list their vintages and wines and advise on drinkability (assuming you've been properly storing the wine). Naturally, this bottle isn't listed because CedarCreek started the chart when it underwent a re-branding in 2007 and condensed the number of tiers they made and switched the new basic line to Stelvin screwcaps Having been closed with cork and being a tier that is no longer produced, the wine wasn't included on the chart.

Our bottle may have been produced prior to that change but I think we can fairly say that it still had some life in it. I do think, however, that this sip has probably seen stronger days. The wine still matched nicely with the salmon, but the overall flavour diminished as we started drinking the wine on its own.

I have a feeling it won't be the last CedarCreek Pinot to be added to The List however.

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