Monday, August 10, 2009

VinoCamp 2009 - Five Random Thoughts

I just happened to run across a short blurb about VinoCamp in one of the local papers last Thursday and checked it out a little further online. Liking what I saw about the event, I bought a ticket to attend on the weekend. Wouldn't you know it, I was listening the the radio Friday afternoon (CBC's afternoon show, On The Coast, with Stephen Quinn) and I won another couple of tix. My guess is that I never would have won the tickets had I not already bought my own.

In any event, Mr. D and I went to camp on Saturday and took in a series of speakers that covered topics that aren't generally addressed at a standard wine tasting - single vineyard, glassware, operating a boutique winery are examples.

We don't get to add a bottle to The List (damn my own criteria) but I can throw out some random, maybe even noteworthy, thoughts or moments.

1. I liked the definition of biodynamic farming as "organic but with religious zeal."

2. You had to know the conference was largely addressing the converted, as a majority of hands went up when asked "how many of you have a glass of wine every day?"

3. I doubt I would have expected my first 15 year old BC wine would be a white. It was great to try a 1994 Mission Hill Riesling, but, to be honest, I preferred the 2007 vintage. I'm not so sure the '94 has held its own. It'd be interesting to see how some of Mission Hill's reds have held up though.

4. Who knew that you could make wine from walnuts? Township 7 served up a delightful fortified wine that's an intriguing blend of Marechal Foch, Merlot, Cab Franc, Fraser Valley Green Walnuts and Okanagan brandy. Definitely one to follow up on.

5. Quote of the Day: "If you can take your dog to work, you're a boutique winery."

VinoCamp makes a direct effort to involve technology and new communication and that likely plays a part in why the attendees seemed a lot younger than the folks I generally see at tastings. I thought that I was doing okay on the technology side since I, at least, have this blog. But I gotta tell you. I was definitely feeling my age upon seeing almost every other person in attendance plop down their laptop or iPhone or Blackberry on the table so that they could concurrently keep the world up to date with their going's on.

Heck I barely even know what Twitter is - let alone participate. I do wonder if these musings are the sort of thing I might have Tweeted (is that the word?) though. Would that make me a "Twit?"

I didn't get to take in any of the seminars across the hall at CheeseCamp but they sounded interesting as well.

Thanks to the organizers. I'll definitely keep an ear open for the 2010 camp.

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