Saturday, March 5, 2016

So, What Now?

It's now been months since I polished off and posted the 2001st bottle, the obvious question has been and remains "So, what now?" More than a handful of friends have asked if I'm going to re-set the goal and go for another 2001 bottles. Without fail, my answer has been - and will continue to be - an emphatic "NO!"

The last thing I'm prepared to do is commit myself to a specific goal or a fixed format. Unlike any Hollywood movie that reaches an audience first time around, there will be no sequel odyssey for me - despite the fact that even the original 2001 odyssey came back with 2010.

I'm thinking I need a little space. There are plenty of wines and stories out there to be discovered - and maybe written about - but I've yet to decipher a path for my involvement.

I'm confident that there will be some form of involvement - even if all I do is to continue learning about wines, winemakers and regions as we polish off a bottle here or there.

For the moment though, I think I'm just going to reflect on the past six and a half years and see if any interesting, new paths appear.

Until then, here's to all the marvellous wines out there waiting to be enjoyed.

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