Monday, August 3, 2009

J-T Rose

As previously mentioned, after the recent BC Wine Appreciation Society's tasting with Brooke Blair and a selection of the Jackson Triggs line-up, Boo loosened the No Buy Leash long enough for me to order a case of the winery's finest.

It arrived.

Although we'll be laying down most of the reds, it didn't take long to open the first bottle.

137. 2008 Jackson Triggs Rose (VQA Okanagan)

This was the wine that was served up first at the BCWAS tasting and it was certainly a hit at our table. Everyone there was looking to get their hands on some. The problem is they don't produce enough of it for general release. A special order from the winery (like our's) or buying right at the cellar is the only way to find it - outside of a restaurant wine list that's lucky enough to get some.

We were glad to find our's because it was the perfect refreshment for the hottest day ever recorded in Vancouver!! Bittr and Sweetz - having adopted their blog names after being identified by visiting relatives as a "bittersweet couple" - came by for a cocktail in the garden before we all headed out for dinner.

Last year's vintage of this wine won Best of Class at the All Canadian Wine Championship. We never had that wine, but I have to think that this year's wine has to have every bit as strong a pedigree. It was just as good as we'd remembered from the tasting.

The wine is 100% Cabernet Franc which is interesting - not because of the varietal, Cab Franc is often used for rose wines - but because J-T doesn't produce a straight Cab Franc varietal red wine. Even with their wide range of levels and varietals of wines, they only use these grapes for blending in their Meritage wines and for the Rose.

I'd love to try a Cab Franc red from them, but in the mean time, I'm more than happy to drink the Rose.

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