Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Spinifex Does The Kinks

For me, this Lola wasn't nearly enough to make me give up The Kinks and their version of unforgettable.

148. 2005 Spinifex Lola (Barossa Valley)

Not sure if she was just a little long in the tooth, but this gal didn't meet hopes or expectations. Maybe it's just that I don't know white Rhone varietals that well, but I wouldn't hurry back to grab another bottle - unless it was a new vintage and we were going to open it right away - just to see if this is really what the Rhone tastes like.

I don't know much about this winery at all, but that, in itself, seemed like a pretty good reason to give it a try. I like Barossa on the whole. And some of my best friends are the Rhone red varietals. It just seemed like a good fit. The winery is fairly new as a husband and wife team of transplanted Kiwis set up shop in 2001. Their emphasis appears to be largely on the red varietals from Southern France, but this is a blend from the other side of the spectrum - 50% Marsanne, 27% Ugni Blanc and 23% Grenache Gris. I've heard of them all but couldn't tell you much - except that I do see Marsanne show up in some white blends along the way.

What I don't generally see a lot of in our market is white Rhone-style wines - unless it's a Viognier. I suppose with Shiraz/Syrah having such a toe-hold in the Barossa, it's not unreasonable to find a pocket of producers working the whites as well.

Considering the good reviews I've seen (after the fact), I'm hoping that this bottle had just run its course and we won't be as disappointed with another come around.

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