Sunday, April 5, 2009

Some Dinners Just Deserve Two Wines

Since Boo and I recently returned from a quick trip to Yellowknife to visit a couple of cool chicks (and they're not "cool" just because of the -28C degree weather), it only made sense that we'd be looking for an early opportunity to pull out the BBQ for the caribou steaks we brought home with us.  It didn't take too long.

First off, we don't normally dine like this at home.  It just so happened that Sunday night was a special dinner Chez Chasbob (The "chas" part being Boo, being The Significant Other, and "bob" being your's truly, of course).  It was a combination of early  birthday celebration and hitting another "milestone" in paying down the mortgage. We like to treat ourselves to a little flamboyance every time we hit a bunch of zero's on the mortgage balance.

But before we hit the steak, it just so happened that there was a bit of servuga caviar still hanging around in the freezer from last summer's wedding/anniversary shin-dig. Who knew you could freeze caviar?!  Just another little piece of trivia that Boo can spit out every now and then.  So, this was a two-wine night (and, no, we didn't finish off both bottles - it is a "school night " after all), but the servuga was served up with:

9.  2007  Nk'mip Riesling (Okanagan)

I'm finding that, lately, riesling is turning out to be my "go to" white of choice and it's a great thing that BC is producing some very nice ones.  Nk'mip is definitely one of them.  Too bad they've been so hard to find except at the winery.

The caribou was then accompanied by:

10.  2003 Mission Hill Oculus (Okanagan)

Mission Hill's flagship Bordeaux style.  I read on one site that superstar consultant, Michel Rolland, and the winery team worked and tasted their way through 140 blends before settling on the '03 combination of merlot (47%), cab sauv (25%), cab franc (20%) and petit verdot (8%).  It's too bad that the current vintage is selling for $80 a bottle.  Boo loved it and I think we still have a bit more caribou in the freezer.

I think I'll  end this post with another shot from the NWT.  It's a shot of the ice road that we drove on over a section of Great Slave Lake.  Don't all the cracks in the ice leave you feeling wonderfully secure about driving on the road?

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