Sunday, April 19, 2009

Further Along the Golden Mile

#20. 2005 Golden Mile Cellars Pinot Noir (Okanagan - Golden Mile)

Since I decided that I'd look to a BC wine for each of the Canuck playoff games, I also thought it might be interesting to follow an individual winery during each series. Hopefully, we can see lot of wine and wineries added to the list. This decision brought out another Golden Mile bottle. This was quite a contrast to the Kiwi pinot that we opened the other night. Both Boo and I much preferred this bottle. It wasn't as light and fruity and everything seemed a little more in balance. There was still noticeable fruit but I found it closer to a mix of old and new world - which is definitely a good thing in my books (and mouth).

And to top that off, another good wine led to another win for the boys. I know we're off to play in St. Louis now and their home crowd, but I'm a lot happier going there up two games to none.

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