Saturday, April 11, 2009

No Buy Leash

I picked up the case of wine that I bought at the Playhouse Wine Festival the other week. I love the fact that the BC Liquor Store runs an on-site store at the festival for a good number of the wines being poured.   And, it's almost as good that you can get your purchases sent to the closest provincial store to you - rather than having to try and lug them home with you on transit after a night of tasting.

The only real problem with all this shopping variety and convenience is that the Significant Other has "dictated" that we already have too much wine at home.  As much as I think there's always got to be room for good wine, he might have a point - particularly when we had to spend a good part of yesterday cleaning wine boxes out of the guest bedroom so that my niece could actually sleep in a bed during her sleepover.  I suppose it only helps his cause that the spare bathtub was already full of even more wine boxes.  (But, in my defence, the wine was only there because that shower hadn't been working and was just sitting empty.)

In any event, the end result is that I've been saddled with the "No Buy Leash."  Granted it's not a full choke and it doesn't always work.  Sometimes I can break away a little on my own - or I might even be granted a limited run or release for special occasions. Like the Festival.  

Although Boo might have a hard time believing it, I do try to exercise some self-discipline and rein myself in.  And, it's not like he doesn't get some benefit from the "cellar."

I mean, be honest, when you think about it, limiting yourself to only one case is pretty darned good - especially when there are over a thousand wines to choose from and I only reach for bottles that normally can't be found for sale in the system.  

Once I got the case home though, it was fun to open the box and find a couple surprise bottles that I'd already forgotten about.  It seems I used my brief off-leash release to add a couple Aussie cabs, a couple sparklers, some more Italian, a hard to find BC boutique wine, a Chilean pinot and an Argentine varietal that would have been good for the last Wine Boyz tasting since I'd never heard of the grape before.  

But they'll all have to wait for the time being.  I have no doubt that all will appear in due course though.

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