Friday, April 17, 2009

Canucks' Playoffs and the Golden Mile

So, if you hadn't noticed so many posts back, I'm a bit of Canucks fan and, you know what, considering the fact that Boo is a transplanted southren' good ol' boy, he's coming along to this whole Canadian hockey thing.

With our boys on that elusive quest for the Stanley Cup, I figured why not stick with that whole BC team, BC wine theme. And, even though it might seem too "stretchy" and "out there," I thought - what the hey - Golden Mile seems an appropriate metaphor to start with.

Hence, it's game 1, round 1, and we're serving up :

#18. 2006 Golden Mile Old Vines Chenin Blanc (Okanagan)

Chenin blanc is a varietal that I'm always interested in tasting and, at 40 years old, the winery's chenin blanc vines are some of the oldest of any vines in the Okanagan. Considering the fact that you don't see many wines of this varietal coming from BC, there's got to be an interesting story behind that. But I'm not the one to be able to tell it. You'll have to look further afield to find further enlightenment on that one.

I do know, however, that Golden Mile has gone through a lot of changes over the last so many years - new owners, new winemaker, new labels. In fact, you can't even find a current bottle of Golden Mile wine in the stores right now since they changed their name to Road 13 this year. After plenty of discussion, "Golden Mile" is now going to be used as the name for marketing that whole stretch of wineries below Oliver. One can only surmise that a concentrated marketing effort (along the lines of the Naramata Bench) will only help raise the profile of a number of very nice wineries located on the old golden mile.

Should the Canucks win the Cup, maybe they can have a victory parade along the "Golden Mile" to celebrate. I'm sure there must be more than a few fans in that part of the province. But, in the mean time, we're off to a good start on the golden mile with this wine.

PS. The boys did win Game 1 with a 2-1 score over the St. Louis Blues. You gotta believe that BC wine has got a thing or two over anything coming out of Missouri!!

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