Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Misery Loves Company

In the hope that we might be celebrating the Canucks' first ever Stanley Cup win, we invited some friends and neighbours over to watch Game 6 and cheer the boys on. I'd mentioned to everyone coming that I was featuring Mission Hill wines on the blog for this series and, lo and behold, another three bottles showed up.

My hope for this series was that, if and when the Canucks won the Cup, I'd open a 3L bottle of Mission Hill Shiraz that I picked up at a fundraiser so many years back. With Mission Hill as the "series winery" and seeing as how winning the Stanley Cup would definitely be an event worthy of popping a cork like that, I thought this would be the perfect occasion.

I suppose some things never turn out the way they were meant to...

828. 2008 Mission Hill Reserve Shiraz (VQA Okanagan Valley)

829. 2007 Mission Hill SLC Syrah (VQA Okanagan Valley)

It was interesting that everyone, that brought a red wine, brought a Shiraz or a Syrah out of all the different wines that Mission Hill produces. Of course,Shiraz and Syrah are the same grape but I guess Mission Hill is large enough that it can try producing two different styles - one with its flavour profile a little more in Old World styling and the other boldly going New World - not that any of us would have determined the differing styles as we tried the two wines.

It was also intriguing that my 3L bottle was a Shiraz as well. We had a regular little theme going on here.

I have to admit that we didn't get too much into the merits of the Syrah vs. Shiraz or the Select Lot Collection vs. the Reserve wine. We simply drank away - especially since it didn't take that long for the Boston Bruins to jump out to yet another big lead. Not sure what it is about the Canucks playing in Boston these playoffs, but the Bruins sure seem to have our number when they're at home.

I think that, rather than any serious wine tasting, we were simply drinking to drown our sorrows. In some ways it was good that I had to tend to opening bottles and setting out nibblies and queueing up the BBQ because I had sunk to spewing a litany of blue streaked epithets by the time it was 4-0. I will say that Mr. Cool was ever optimistic of a comeback and, when the Canucks scored early in the third period, even I was ready to say there's always a chance of OT - especially when they came within a video review of making it 4-2 shortly thereafter.

Ultimately, the score only got worse and it became clear that the only fun to be had was going to be generated by eating and drinking and making happy with friends.

830. 2006 Mission Hill Reserve Chardonnay (VQA Okanagan Valley)

Elzee brought along our lone white wine - which was a very good thing since it matched up far better with Mimster's sushi tray than our selection of reds did. The winery called 2006 "a year to remember" and this was certainly an enjoyable wine. It's half the price of the Perpetua Chardonnay we had the other night, but I think I actually enjoyed this one even more. Perhaps the 2006 vintage did play a big part in the wine's profile because I'd mentioned in the Perpetua post that I'd remembered enjoying the earlier vintage more that the 2007 we were drinking.

Too bad there aren't more of these 2006's around for the drinking - because this wine was far more enjoyable than the game's outcome. You knew by its fullness that the wine had seen some oak and had been aged sur lie but the oak was very discreet and there was an abundance of fruit coming through the structured body. This is the kind of Chardonnay that I'd having no problem buying more often.

I'd also like to buy a few more goals for the Canucks. With tonight's loss, the series is tied at three games apiece. It all comes down to one final game. There are going to be a few prayers offered up by Vancouverites over the next couple of days.

Amidst all the prayers and supplications, I'll just need to hope that it wasn't me that brought about the loss. That 3L bottle of Mission Hill I was hoping to open had the Canucks won - well, turns out we had already drank it. Must have been some time ago because I certainly didn't write about it during the last two years that this blog's been in existence. Darned if I can remember when we opened it though. When I found the empty bottle and box, I had to wonder if someone had found it during a party and secretly knocked it back. I seriously doubt it, but maybe Boo and I just opened it, finished it off ourselves and promptly forgot having downed three litres of wine. I don't know which was more disappointing - the loss on the ice or not being able to enjoy that special bottle.

In any event, I'd like to forget tonight's game but I'm keeping the faith. If it takes a Game 7 to win the Cup, so be it!

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