Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hockey & B-Day's

If you've been reading any of the recent posts, you may well conclude that there's nothing going on lately but sitting back with some wine while we watch yet another playoff hockey game. Actually that's more-or-less true, but I won't complain because it's pretty much a requirement if you have the slightest hope in seeing the Canucks finally win the Stanley Cup.

There a few things, however, that continue to come along - even if they "conflict" with hockey. One of those inevitable events is getting older and tonight, in addition to the hockey game that ended around 8pm, we're going to drop into the neighbours' for a bit of a birthday get-together for Arty400.

I always like seeing what wine Arty400 and Baby Mama are serving up. I've run across a couple nice finds there - particularly since Arty400 has a little friendship going with Barb Phillip, Vancouver's resident Wine Master.

821. 2009 Francis Coppola Diamond Collection Syrah-Shiraz (California)

I don't know if this wine was a recommendation of Barb's or not, but it was a good little find because I doubt it's one that I would have gravitated to on my own. I've tried a few Coppola wines at tastings over the years, but I can't recall ever having bought any. Indeed, upon checking my program, it seems the winery was serving this very wine at the recent Vancouver Playhouse WineFestival. I didn't even get around to trying it.

Part of the Coppola Diamond Collection of mid-range wines, I don't know the reasoning for calling it a Syrah-Shiraz. To the uninitiated, it might appear to be a blend of two varietals - when, indeed, Syrah and Shiraz varietals are the same grape. Maybe it's meant to be an indication that the winemaker, Corey Beck, is looking to bridge the whole New World/Old World look at producing this varietal. If that's the intent, the addition of 20% Petite Sirah to heighten "depth and structure" is an interesting means to doing so.

But b-days are more about ensuring the birthday boy knows just how old he's getting. They're not (generally) meant for dissecting wines.

Now, Arty400 - unlike certain people - isn't nearly as, naturally, caught up in the whole playoff scene. It was interesting to see that even he couldn't have a birthday completely devoid of hockey. One of his presents was a set of pins of the twins - Canucks Daniel and Henrik (in the picture in front of the wine bottle). I'd never seen those before and they seemed entirely appropriate for a wine that featured two names for the same grape.

What the pins and twins did prompt was Baby Mama to remind us all about - and find on Youtube - the NHL commercial of the stag party featuring the "myth" of Swedish Twins from a few years back. A good laugh.

And, as if to enforce the notion that there was no avoiding hockey for the moment - whether you wanted to or not - even Arty400's kids had taken to taping a poster to the front door. Albeit, it was a cute take on the ubiquitous "Go Canucks Go." Their "Coconuts Go!" sign was one for the ages.

I should be so witty.

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