Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Greek White to Help Prepare for Battle

As the Canucks prepare to go into battle tomorrow for a winner-take-all Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals, I'm grabbing a last wine for a little fortitude. Maybe a bit of Greek wine will help summon some fortitude for a classic, if not mythological, win for Vancouver sports lore.

Before we get to the wine, however, I'm going to share an ad that was posted on Craig's List regarding a Canucks ticket from last week. As soon as the schedule for the Finals series was released, I'd been praying that the series wouldn't need to go to seven games to determine the winner. For three or four months now, we've had tickets to go see the touring production of the Broadway musical, Wicked, and, wouldn't you know it, our tickets are for tomorrow night - the same night as Game 7. Is that the worst of luck or what?!

The guy who posted the ad was in a similar situation - although he was actually going to the game.

Here's the ad:

Single Ticket Canucks Game 2 section 313 - $450 (Vancouver)

I have to sell my ticket to the Canucks game 2, section 313 row 14. Hard Copy ticket

I am unable to go because I have to go to a fucking piece of shit musical with my wife (whom I love). I had agreed to go, and since the NHL decided to make the most retarded schedule they could, I have to give up my ticket to the Stanley Cup Finals to see some piece of shit musical with some bitches singing about some crap I don't care about. It's a terrible seat, you will have a terrible time at the game, the beer tastes like crap and costs $10 each... Price is firm because I don't want to sell it.

e-mail me.

Even though I've really been looking forward to seeing the musical, I feel his pain. I don't know if he'd have made the same decision if the ticket was for Game 7.

831. 2009 Lafazanis Selection White (Regional Wine of Peloponnese - Greece)

The Selection White is pretty much an entry level wine - although we don't tend to see many, if any, higher end, white Greek wines. The wine is a blend of two Greek varietals - Roditis and Moschofilero (a 55/45 blend) - both of which are prominently grown in the Peloponnese region. It's pretty much what I've come to expect from a Greek white - on the lighter side, with prominent fruit and acidity. Not too complicated but a good match to summer weather, tzatsiki, hummous and garlicky seafood (like Boo's squid pasta).

And, there's that little extra bonus of being able to add a 98th varietal to my Wine Century Club application. Roditis was added awhile back but I don't see Moschofilero on my list yet. Just like the Canucks, it looks like I'm zeroing in on the completion of a task that I've set out there for myself. Perhaps it's a tad easier to accomplish than winning the Stanley Cup, but then I'm a little old to have any aspirations of being a professional hockey player. And, don't they always say that you should stick to what you do best. Drink different wines or play hockey - you pick. Besides, I could never skate backwards.

But, back to the wine, the Lafazanis winery is apparently found in the historical and archeological region of Nemea - not far from the ancient Temple of Hercules. Some of the sentiments accompanying this wine could come in handy for tomorrow - a little Herculean effort on the part of our Canucks might just bring the Cup to Vancouver for that elusive first time.

Not that I'll get to watch all of the game. Until then...

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