Friday, May 15, 2009

The Tears are Flowing

It's called the "heartbreak grape" and I suppose I should have known better than to open this bottle for such a critical game as Game 6 with our back against the wall.  But I didn't think of this until after the game was over.

And a game it was.  Can you say "rollercoaster?"  

Slow start.  Fall behind rather early.  Tie it.  Things bleak when down 3-1.  Tie it up!  Take the lead!!  And so on and so forth.  Only to lose yet another.  Who'd've thunk we see a Canucks playoff game with a 7-5 score?!

I suppose there's some solace in the fact that the Canucks weren't even picked to make the playoffs at the start of the season. 

And, I guess, the wine wasn't all that bad.

51.  2006 Burrowing Owl Pinot Noir (VQA - Okanagan)

Pinot Noir isn't the most prolific award winner in the Burrowing Owl portfolio.  Maybe the winery doesn't enter it in as many competitions.  Maybe they don't produce as much.  Or maybe the vineyards just aren't as well suited for the grape.  For the most part, BC's most-acclaimed pinots seem to come from the wineries a little further north than Burrowing Owl's southern location.  

One of BC's most revered wine writers, John Schreiner, reported once that pinot noir was originally planted at Burrowing Owl because the new winery's first consulting winemaker, Bill Dyer, wanted to try his hand at it when he migrated up to the Okanagan from a 20-year stint at sterling Napa Valley producer Sterling Wines.

Mr. Dyer has moved on but the prominence of Burrowing Owl remains.  

And, now that the Canucks' playoff drive is done for at least this year, there likely won't be that much Burrowing Owl on The List's horizon for a bit, but its prominence has been acknowledged.

Until next season....

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