Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Bit Long in the Tooth

We've been caught again with storing a bottle longer than we should have.  We bought this entry's bottle a year or so ago and, finally, thought that it'd go with tonight's dinner.  It might have - if we'd had the dinner a year or two ago.

66.  2005 Domaine Cauhape Chant des Vignes (Jurancon Sec AOC - France)

I was quite looking forward to this wine.  The Jurancon area is not one that I'm familiar with at all - being found in the French Basques area of the Pyrenees in South West France.  Boo had actually spent some time in the area in a "past life" and he thoroughly enjoyed the region.  

The area is known for a dry and a sweet wine and this was the dry.  It uses the gros manseng varietal - another grape that I couldn't tell you anything about beforehand.  I'm not sure that I could tell you much now either since there was next to nothing fruity or pleasant about the wine.  It was just old.

Too bad. 

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