Monday, May 18, 2009

I'd Hoped for a Whole Series

Goodness, I seem to be on a bit of stretch of BC favourites - Burrowing Owl, Sandhill, and now La Frenz.  Had the Canucks beat Chicago and made it to Round 3 of the playoffs, I was going to feature La Frenz as the series winery.  Maybe the Canucks didn't make it, but I can still enjoy a bottle of La Frenz to help quell the pain.

55.  2006 La Frenz - Montage (Naramata - Okanagan)

A montage is defined as "any combination of disparate elements that forms or is felt to form a unified whole, single image, etc."  This Montage is a blend of syrah, merlot and cabernet - not exactly the most common blend of grapes, either for BC or elsewhere.  I'm sure there's a story behind the wine that I'd like to follow up on, particularly since I've seen it made with pinot noir in the past as well.  

I don't think this wine is generally seen as one of the stars of the La Frenz cellar (not that there's a lesser wine to be found) but I like it as a nice approachable wine.  Good for a Friday night watching a movie on the TV.

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