Wednesday, March 7, 2012

California Meets the Rhône

Another wine and winery that I knew virtually nothing about - particularly since the bottle was gift from the Boss Man. Turns out that Treana is one of five brands that Hope Family Wines produces and it's their premium, flagship label. Joining right in with California's Rhône Rangers, Treana is inspired by "the great white wines of France's Rhône region." They've just tried to add a twist of California richness.

1078. 2007 Hope Family Wines - Treana White (Central Coast - California)

A 50/50 blend of Viognier and Marsanne, the Treana grapes are grown in the highland regions of Monterrey County - one of California's cooler regions because of the influence of the coastal breezes. Because of the vineyard location, there is a longer growing season - but the consistent temperatures allow for a full ripeness that maintains good acidity. The ripeness in the fruit leads to a fuller bodied wine that is only expanded upon by some oak, by nine months of ageing the wine on its lees (or spent yeast) and by putting a portion of the wine through malolactic fermentation (a process that converts more tart-tasting acids into softer, creamier ones - think lemon juice as opposed to milk).

Despite the big body, there was plenty of tropical and stone fruit coming through - while still being integrated with a firm base of acidity.

Winemaker, JC Diefenderfer, has stated that this is "white wine for red wine drinkers." I might think of it along the lines of Pamela Anderson in a bottle.

I rarely refer to the food we chow down on, but Boo and I thought it matched up perfectly with a spinach and mango salad with candied pecans.

An untypical blend for California, Treanna White hasn't been the easiest wine to sell - until prospective buyers try it. Then it sells itself. Look at me. I'm not necessarily drawn to white Rhônes. I'd reach for a Rhône-styled red over a white pretty much any day of the week. As mentioned, this bottle was a gift and I don't know if I would have reached for it without having tried it first. Sipping back on this Treana, however, that could change. Who'd have thought that Pam Anderson - despite her being a good ol' BC girl - could do that for me?

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