Saturday, March 10, 2012

Playhouse Wine Fest?

All of Vancouver's arts headlines have been abuzz with the just-announced demise of the Vancouver Playhouse Theatre Company after 49 years of regional theatre. As shocking as the announcement was, I have to admit that my immediate thoughts didn't go to the loss of one of the key production companies in VanCity. Rather, the first thought that crossed my mind was "I wonder how this could affect the Vancouver Playhouse International Wine Festival?"

Having just sipped and savoured my way through the 2012 festival, the possibility of losing one of the foremost festivals on the continent would be inconceivably maddening. Luckily, it appears that this distressing thought needn't furrow my brow any more.

Word has now surfaced that, as much as the Wine Festival organizational committee is saddened by the "day's news," the Wine Festival wine continue. A separate society was set up years back to operate the Wine Festival independently from the theatre company and the festival will continue regardless of the theatre's continued presence.

Alas, the curtain may have fallen on the stage shows for now, but with California and Chardonnay poised to assume the feature roles next year, at least there'll be a stage still there for the wine world to play out its own theatrics.

Here's a belated toast to the Playhouse. Now, all of you finish off that glass of wine and head out to take in some theatre.

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