Sunday, October 3, 2010

Mexican Cat Dance

We got the call that our neighbour, GatuBela, was throwing her annual, fundraising "Mexican Cat Dance" and, surprisingly, we were able to attend - despite the fact that we're madly dashing around trying to get everything in order for the big trip that's only another day or so away. GatuBela has been throwing the dance for years now and we just never seem to be able to make it.

She uses all the funds that she raises to help save street cats around her vacation home in Mexico. She tries to find homes for the cats and has them neutered. I'm sure it must seem like a never-ending battle, but if my lust for silent auctions can help her out, it seems win-win to me.

605. 2007 Vila Regia - Douro Vinho Tinto (DOC Douro - Portugal)

606. 2007 Grao Vasco - Dao (DOC Dao - Portugal)

Between the dinner and dance, Boo and I managed to do some welcome damage to the two bottles. Good thing that a couple of the other neighbours showed up as well and helped out on the wine because it was going down rather quickly.

The dance music was way more entrenched in 80's disco than mariachi, salsa or Latin beat - but maybe that's just because there were no sombreros to dance around in the middle of the floor. Let's face it though, disco has never been a problem for me, particularly once the red wine's been flowing.

Maybe we'll hear more of the Latin rhythms once we hit South America.

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