Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Goo Goo for Gaga

So, months back, my sis, Vixen, texts me with "Your niece's 16th b-day is coming up. If you want to be remembered as the greatest uncle of all time, Lady Gaga tix would sealthe deal." Too bad she sent it two days after the tickets had gone on sale and had already sold out. Luckily for Stargirl's b-day and my reputation, a second concert was added.

It's been some time since I went to a big demand concert and I wasn't quite prepared for the ticket prices. I don't need to tell you that the two tickets would have kept Boo and I in wine for some time!! When did things change so? When I was Stargirl's age, we could get Elton John tix for $12.

Is that ageing me even more?

For an old coot though, I quite like Gaga. I actually had her CD before Stargirl. What one wears to an outlandish concert like Gaga was way beyond my ken though. I offered to wear a vintage leather jacket and a gag thong that Boo had been given by his colleagues at work, but Stargirl opted to go the tamer route. She later told me that she totally underestimated the crowd. My wearing a thong wouldn't have been the most outlandish outfit there.

At 16, Stargirl hasn't acquired a taste for wine yet. So, she didn't join in on a pre-show cocktail. I, however, wasn't about to forego the opportunity to blog this concert. Boo and I had a quick glass before Stargirl and I left for dinner.

575. 2005 Golden Mile Black Arts Syrah (VQA Okanagan Valley)

I'll have to finish off this entry at another time.

Got to head off and dance. Just Dance. OK?

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