Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Forgotten Mad Greeks

I was looking some photos that we just downloaded from the second camera. It doesn't get used all that much and, apparently, it gets downloaded even less. I found some pictures from a dinner that I went to with some of the old university boys. I think the dinner was back in June; so, I'm adding it way out of sync here. I thought about leaving it out altogether but we made our way through four bottles of wine - and there just no sense in leaving four bottles off The List - particularly when the only deterrent is a little pride about sequencing.

Big deal. Who gives a hoot?! I'm counting them.

We usually have a bunch of false starts in setting up an evening, this is the second dinner that the boys have managed to pull off since I started the blog. The first round was way back near the start of this whole escapade (#'s 74, 75, & 76). Last time, however, we were drinking and eating with a little higher brow. Guess the more reasonable prices allowed us to indulge in an extra bottle this time. That and we had a guest appearance by the Cowboy Contractor - and that resulted in a little extra consumption.

Despite the fact that we were eating Greek tonight, there wasn't much chance that Mr. Big was going to allow us to drink anything Greek. It's gonna be red - and preferably Californian. I was a tad surprised when he started us off with an Aussie.

571. 2007 Wolf Blass Cabernet Sauvignon (South Australia)

572. 2009 J.J. McWilliams Cabernet Merlot (South Eastern Australia)

573. 2008 Catena Alamos Malbec (Mendoza - Argentina)

Since were chatting about vacations past and pending, I picked the Malbec to add a little heft to our upcoming trip to Argentina. Even though I see Malbec as being rather mainstream nowadays, it was an unknown quantity for the boys. Thoroughly enjoyed by all though.

574. 2006 J.Lohr Seven Oaks Cabernet Sauvignon (California)

Eventually, we had to move back to California and decided to go with a household regular for both Mr. Big and GVS.

Considering the dinner was a couple of months ago, I'm not even going to talk about how the wines went over. Suffice it to say, we needed all four bottles and even The Pink One had no problem with the choices - and he was eating his regular seafood. The guy has to learn to drink red with fish in this crowd - either that or take on Mr. Big in an arm wrestling match to pick the next wine.

Another fun night. I'll try to stay more current with the posting for our next dinner though.

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