Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Aussie Icons

G'Day. I know I've complained about this before, but it's just so easy to fall behind in my postings. Boo is even threatening that we can't open any more bottles until I catch up. He can try and stop the corks, but I'm not biting.

I am glad, however, that this should be a bit of a "in & out - no messing about" kind of entry.

Shiraz and Blundstones. Aussie icons. Need I say any more?

568. 2006 Kilikanoon The Lackey Shiraz (South Australia)

The label recounts that the winemaker defines a "lackey" Down Under as "a shit-kicker or lowly paid manual worker." Since they feel that they're giving bang up value for the buck, this wine is "lowly paid" and is, therefore, named "The Lackey."

Where the Blundstones come into play, I'm not exactly sure. Since this wine is only made for the export market, the winery might well be latching on to Blunnies as a means of catching the consumer's eye - without relying on cute critters. I will admit that I don't think I've ever seen another label that actually refers to a "shit-kicker" or any other fully spelled-out profanity. Good on ya, mate? They make 'em tough Down Under.

Kilikanoon is actually a very well regarded winery in Oz and the Clare Valley and wins its share of awards and 90-plus scores from many of the big guns. This wine is more on the level of a critter wine though - both with price and flavour profile. Even still, while it sports lots of dark fruit up front, it still has enough structure to make the wine interesting enough to allow you to sit back and think about it.

Just what you need to kick back and throw the boots up on the couch.

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