Monday, July 26, 2010

Boy Meets Grill 5

I suppose I should add a sub-title to "Boy Meets Grill 5." I think "Otherwise known as Boo Meets Five-O" fits the bill since we combined our summer BBQ party with Boo's 50th. OK, the actual birthday was a month ago, but you try fitting in parties with work schedules and out-of-town visits on the actual b-day.

It actually was more of a birthday party than it was a night for wine. But you know us (or, at least me), there's was still wine to be had.

538. N.V. Peller Estates Proprietors Reserve Merlot (Bottled in BC - or is that Boxed in BC?)

I will admit it, I can't say that there are many wines with a pedigree like this that make it onto The List. Then again, when it comes to litre after litre of Sangria flowing for hours, a couple of nice 4L boxes of wine comes in handy.

I like that the picture featurs both the wine (as it arrived) and the finished product. And, if I say so myself, the Sangria was pretty darned good. I was a tad concerned that I might end up with a leftover box o' wine, but we definitely needed a re-mix. Had I needed to finish off the box wine on its own, it might have taken a bit longer to get back on the task of 2001 bottles to be had.

539. 2009 Fazi Battaglia Titulus (DOC Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesu Classico - Italy)

Since man (at least this man) does not live on Sangria alone, I joined in with some Verdicchio that was brought along by one of the partiers. The wine is marketed in an amphora shaped bottle that was specifically designed back in the 1950's to uniquely represent the Le Marche region and its local Verdicchio varietal. Light and easy drinking, it's an easy fit to a backyard BBQ party.

Despite Boo's penchant for all assortments of martinis, I think we were lucky that, unlike Daveyboi's 50th last summer, we didn't have the vodka or gin flowing as freely as the Sangria was. As I recall - at least from most of what I recall - the latter part of Daveyboi's gig revolved around recreating song and dance numbers from Hairspray and interesting configurations involving a four-foot blow-up kangaroo and various out-of-town guests. It's always those out-of-town visitors that carry on so, I figure.

We were a more refined crowd - or maybe it was just that Boo turned the music down a tad every now and then. Despite a possible lack of martinis and/or blasting music, it was a fun crowd and the BBQ feast from Memphis Blues made sure that everyone stayed the course until Boo blew out the candles on his b-day cake. My sis, Vixen, and the youngest niece, Skeletor, baked up a Guinness and Chocolate cake for him. A sure way to that man's heart!

And to end the evening's additions to The List, what's a celebration without a little bubble or frizzante?

540. N.V. Villa Teresa Rose Veneto (IGT Veneto - Italy)

I couldn't locate much information on this bottle - except to see that it's been recommended by a number of local wine writers. Villa Teresa seems to be carving itself quite a nice, little niche in the Vancouver market. Being both organic and decently priced - not to mention tasty - certainly can't hurt.

I don't know what varietal(s) is(are) being used for this Rose. Being an IGT wine, it doesn't have to be made of grapes traditionally grown in the Veneto and could be made of any combination of grapes. I don't think anyone is going to concern themselves though. It didn't last long this evening.

We thought it'd be fun to take a group shot with the birthday boy and many of the revellers that came by to rub in his advancing years. With noise-making cards that involved fat ladies singing and screams straight from horror flicks, Boo will be able to remind himself of the evening for many days to come.

If you look closely in the picture, you'll see one of his birthday presents that may well make it to The List before we hit the 2001st bottle. It was a specially consigned 3L bottle of Red Rooster Meritage that features a caricature of Boo and a number of his favourite things. We already know that the bottle is a work of art. Here's hoping that the wine proves to be equally tasty.

(Editor's Note and P.S. - I've since found out that the Villa Teresa Rosé is made of the Raboso grape - another notch in the belt for the Wine Century Club)

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