Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Spanish Celebration Continues

Just like the big show in South Africa, our little World Cup of Wine is over now. And, just because Spain didn't win our taste-off in the wine glass, it doesn't mean that we still can't salute their win on the soccer field. Surprisingly, we had a bottle of Spanish wine left over from the BBQ we threw to watch the final game. Do we need a better reason for opening it? I doubt it.

524. 2008 Bodegas Real Nazares Macabeo (Spain)

This bottle not only lent itself to a bit of a Spanish celebration but also to the addition of another varietal to my Wine Century club efforts. I don't know that I'd give it a whole lot more of my time though.

Macabeo is another Spanish name for the Viura varietal and it isn't one that we see a whole lot of in the Vancouver market - particularly as a 100% varietal wine like this. The grape is seen as producing early drinking, acidic wines and is probably better known for being blended in Rioja-styled wines and particularly as a major player in the production of the Spanish sparkling Cava's. In fact, we were drinking some Macabeo while watching the soccer final the other day in that the Segura Viudas in our mimosas contained a good percentage of Macabeo in its blend.

The Nazares is, no doubt, an entry level wine for the winery and may well be an export-only wine. Bodegas Real doesn't even refer to the wine on its website. At $12, it's definitely priced for easy drinking on a hot patio but its lack of prominent fruit didn't particularly suit my palate.

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