Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Run and a Red

The topic of running hasn't come up much in the blog (yet?). I guess nowadays I'm more apt to fill my time with wine and this blog rather than hitting the streets for a bit of a jog. But, Merlot Boy has a half marathon planned upon his return to Oz and he's trying to keep up with a bit of training while on vacation.

So Mr. D. and I joined Merlot Boy for a run around Stanley Park and the Seawall. Well, I should say that they did the whole Seawall and I cut off the last chunk. Despite my not completing the full 13 kms, I got to join them for the burger and drink afterwards - not feeling the least bit guilty about the fact that the calories from the wine pretty much undid the benefit of the run. I mean, who's kidding who? I'd've joined them for the drinks whether I'd gone on the run or not. So, I'm still ahead of the game.

179. 2007 Hester Creek Merlot (VQA Okanagan)

The bar had a pretty limited wine list, so I was rather pleased to find the Hester Creek. It's a winery that I usually enjoy but I don't tend to buy a lot of their wines. John Schreiner, one of BC most-storied wine writers, tells some interesting notes about the Hester Creek property but the history doesn't really fit with this posting, so I'll have to pick up another bottle and come back to the stories on another occasion.

Daveyboi - or shall we call him "Birthday Boy" for the weekend - had picked up another couple of out-of-towners, Cracker and Diego, so they came and joined us for another bottle before they took on the rest of the evening.

180. N.V. Painted Turtle Cabernet Sauvignon (not likely to find out)

This is a Canadian entry into the "critter wine" stakes. No vintage on the bottle, but it does state that the wine is "cellared in Canada from imported and domestic wine." Not exactly a pedigree to bring out the wine snob in all of us, but the price isn't going to break the bank either. Then, there's that little thing about ordering a bottle of wine at a Davie Street bar. Not so sure there's a lot of call for that.

We all had a great chuckle, if not a full-blown guffaw, at the fact that Daveyboi and M.B. both wore the same t-shirt. The two of them had visited Cracker and Diego in California the other year and they bought the same t-shirt, thinking that they'd never wear it at the same place since they live on different continents. They may be laughing here, but it's a good thing it wasn't at the big party. I can only imagine the fireworks over who was going to have to change.

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