Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Kernal of Syrah

193. 2006 Sandhill Syrah (VQA - Okanagan Valley)

This was a bit of an impetuous grab off the wine rack. I realize - now that the bottle's been drained - that I'd intended to drink this side-by-side with a one of Sandhill's Small Lots Syrah to see if there's much of a difference between the two wines.

As with all of Sandhill's wines, this is a single vineyard production and the grapes for this wine are grown on the Sandhill estate vineyards. The Small Lots is grown on the Phantom Creek Vineyard which is actually just down the Black Sage Road. So, I figured it would be interesting to see if we could taste much, if any, of a difference. Guess it'll have to be a good idea for another vintage.

Oh well, the best laid plans...

In the mean time, we enjoyed this bottle along with burgers and the last two cobs of corn that Boo and I actually grew this summer. I've never tried growing corn before but I was pretty much enthralled with the idea that we were actually going to get some cobs. It may have only been a whopping six cobs and we might have waited a bit too long before we harvested them, but I was pretty pleased all the same.

Now, I wouldn't normally think of corn as the most natural match for a syrah, but that's what the burger was for. Home grown and Sandhill - that's a match I can go for any day.

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