Monday, August 3, 2015

Pride & Prosecco

Alright, I won't try to kid anyone. This post is going to be far more story- and photo-centric than it could ever be about wine. After all, I can't say that I know anyone who attends a Pride Parade thinking it's going to be a high end, snootified wine tasting. We're far more likely to be applauding vintage biceps than Barolo and praising pecs than Pétrus.

That being said, our little gang does try to accentuate our celebration with a sip here and there.

For a slew of years now, our good friends, Lady Di and She Who Must Be Obeyed, have hosted a Pride Parade gathering. They live right on the parade route and we've laid stake to a section of sidewalk that puts us smack dab in the action. It started with a simple recreation of a living room with some patio furniture and well-placed plants. In the last five years, the number of guests has grown and the outdoor designs have taken on a life of their own - including smart cocktails, appies and BBQ - with annual themes eventually creeping into the picture. This year, the grrrrlsz opted for an Arabian Nights/ I Dream of Jeannie concept.

Boo and I hit the tickle trunk and pull out all things Abu Dhabi from our visits with Miss Jaq in the UAE.

Seeing as how the Parade is always held on the Sunday and our celebration stats kicking in around 10.30, the cocktail of choice is often a Mimosa. So, there's usually a steady stream of corks being popped for more bubbly. Only problem with blogging the wines is that most decently priced bubbles don't come in vintages. It makes it hard to continually find new bottles to try and add to The List.

There are always a couple to be found though - particularly with the increasing interest in Proseccos and other Italian bubblies.

1965.  N.V. Cavicchioli 1928 Spumante (Modena - Italy)

Not only was this bottle perfectly festive for a Pride Parade, its demi-sec sweetness also worked well for the Mimosas. The Spumante might have been a bit too sweet to drink for long on its own - although you could, especially on a hot summer's day. The lower 8% alcohol level was helpful as well, given the length of the Parade.

The most remarkable part of this year's Parade was that Justin Trudeau (just before he was elected Canada's new Prime Minister) wandered right alongside our oasis. Not noticing that the Liberals' contingent was approaching, I'd just picked up a smokie for lunch and, naturally, I took a big bite JUST AS JUSTIN CAME WITHIN A COUPLE FEET OF ME!! Not only could I not speak to him, I couldn't even shake his hand as mine was covered in grease and mustard. All I could do was shrug, point to the dog and attempt a weak smile as I mumbled "sorry" with my mouth full.

If that's not enough to drive a guy to drink, don't know what is. If I hadn't had one in my hand at the time, I would have needed to grab another.

Once the Parade was over and our oasis was put away, Boo, Mr. D. and I made our annual trek over to the big fair at Sunset Beach where we sit back and watch the crowds while sipping on a bottle or two.

1966.  N.V. Sommariva Conegliano Valdobbiadene Brut (Prosecco Superiore DOCG - Italy)

This year, we stuck with the keep-it-cool-and-refreshing, bubbly theme.

This was yet another Italian bubbly that I hadn't run across in the Vancouver market. Drier than the Spumante, I was just as happy that neither Boo nor Mr. D. were sipping at the same rate they were this morning. It meant there was more for me to drown my sorrows with. After all, how many times do you get the opportunity to shake hands and/or chat with your country's head political leader? And there I am with a wiener in my mouth.

I can't even imagine what (our future) PMJT was thinking as he passed by. Hopefully, he saw a number of even stranger things during the course of the day.

Despite the political mis-step, it was a grand day for all. Next year, I may have to either forego lunch or pay better attention to which groups are approaching during the Parade. The good thing may be that I'll be long finished with blogging The List. So, I'll be able to drink whatever we like next year. No stress in picking wines - just in being careful when contemplating my next wiener.

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