Sunday, October 7, 2012

Turkey Talk

After last night's duck dinner and our initial take on this year's adventure in Thanksgiving poultry, it was time to talk turkey.  It's long been a family tradition to have these dinners at Vixen, my sister's, place.  This year's version was going to be somewhat different though.  There was going to be some of that whole "circle of life" bit. 

This would be our first family dinner since Mom passed away this summer.  An additional twist stemmed from the fact that Vixen and her man, Big Trucker, got engaged this summer as well - and this was would be the first full gathering of both clans.  Nothing new about Vixen and her three chilluns but all of Big Trucker's three kids have never joined in before. His girls have gotten used to our clan but BT's son was joining in for the first time.

I'm not sure he knew what his dad had gotten him into.  Hopefully, we didn't scare him off too badly.

It did make it clear that we're about to experience the Brady Bunch first hand though.

1257.  2008 Mistaken Identity Gewürztraminer (British Columbia)

Our new family members are more of a beer and football crowd but Vixen and I were there; so, you have to know that there'd be some wine being added to The List as well.  When talking turkey wines, Gewürztraminer is usually one of the first suggestions that comes out and I figured I'd grab a bottle that we'd picked up last year on Salt Spring Island.

Mistaken Identity is the third - and newest - winery to open on Salt Spring and 2008 was the first year that they had a winery licence and an actual vintage.  Turns out, though, that the vineyards weren't actually planted with any Gewurtz; so, enough grapes were sourced from the Okanagan to produce 500 cases.

It takes a pretty special Gewürztraminer to win me over.  The varietal's trademark floral tones often overwhelm me.  That wasn't an issue with this bottle.  While there wasn't much of a floral kick to it, the wine also seemed to be missing the spicy note that I do like to look for with Gewurtz.  This one was pretty much all soft fruit - and, while I might have been called a "soft fruit" myself, now and then, over the years, it's usually not my favourite drop of wine.

Mistaken Identity also grows an interesting assortment of varietals at the estate vineyards than the standard grapes we hear about - ones that are considered more suitable for the mild coastal climes.  I think I might be more inclined to try one of their wines made with Madeleine Angevine, Reichensteiner or Agria next time around.

An added bonus to the Thanksgiving dinner was that it was Big Trucker's birthday.  He might favour beer over wine, but he does like his chocolate - and that might be reason enough to welcome him with open arms into the family ranks.  I'm sure that Vixen can elaborate on a few more endearing traits - but that'd be different blog.  You'll have to reach her directly for further goodies.

Two nights.  Two birds.  Two wines.  Things are good.

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