Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Question: If we had Duck for dinner on Saturday and turkey on Sunday and then we have chicken on Monday, does that we mean we had "turducken" over the weekend?  I've seen turducken mentioned many a time over the years, but I've never actually seen one.  This little foul weekend that we're just finishing off is about as close as we've ever come; so I think I'll just tell everyone that we did.

I may have needed to blend my birds but I didn't blend the wines.  Third night; third wine.

1258.  2009 Quails' Gate Dry Riesling (VQA Okanagan Valley)

This might have been my favourite over the weekend.  All things considered, that's not likely all that much of a surprise.  I'm hardly shy about my fondness for Riesling.  I can't say that Quails' Gate has really been on my radar as far a BC Riesling goes - maybe it should be though.  I tend to associate this pioneer of the province's modern wine industry with Pinot Noir and their cultish Old Vines Foch, but this Riesling really hit my sweet spot.

And I'm not referring to "sweet spot" in an off-dry sense. This is a fully dry white - with bracing acidity and some zingy citrus notes - but it never ventures towards austere.  Rather, there is a hint of sweetness. My guess, however, is that this perception of sugar simply comes from the fine, ripe fruit on the palate.  The 2009 growing season was a good one for the Okanagan and most growers were able to fully ripen all of their grapes.

The complexity of the wine is likely helped along by the fact that Quails' Gate's Riesling vines are now 25 years old.  That and the fact that the winery blended six different batches of Riesling to made the final wine.

All in all, a very nice finish to our turducken of a weekend.  I dare say that, should we ever run across a true turducken, I could bring along another bottle of this baby and it would fare just as nicely. 

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