Friday, May 11, 2012

Juggling A Couple of Quirks

It would seem that Blogspot, the host site for my blog, has made some format "improvements" that have changed (among other aspects of the site that I've yet to fully comprehend) the publishing dates and the order that my posts will now appear. It used to be that I could start a draft post, leave it for a bit, and come back to finish it but it would retain its original "post" date. I was also able to go back and make a revision - such as when I noticed a typo after the fact.

Not anymore - or so it would seem.

Every time I revise or amend a draft - anything that involves the hitting of the "Save" button - changes the "publish" date and the order that the post appears on the blog.

The previous version allowed me to keep some semblance of a posting order and retain the order in which those posts appeared - a little convenience that comes in handy when you're creating a list of 2001 wines in a numerical order. Funny that.

Unless I can figure out a way to go back to the site's original posting parameters, you'll just have to bear with me and the fact that a May post might refer to something that occurred back in March or April. Until I completely catch up with my posts - so that they occur almost simultaneously with when the bottle is opened - there might be a few bumps on the ride and even more head-scratches going on.

If any knows how I can borrow Dr. Who's sonic screwdriver, please do tell. That might be my most realistic salvation.

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