Thursday, February 16, 2012

We Have Zinned

Is it appropriate to Zin on Valentine's Day? Of course it is! And that's regardless of whether we're married or not.

1063. 2006 Renwood Old Vine Zinfandel (Amador Country - California)

If coming home to a dozen red roses doesn't call for a big Zin that we've been sitting on for awhile, what does? Thing is that, with all the "romance" in the air, I didn't check out the blog before I opened this bottle. Seems we opened a bottle of Renwood not all that long ago (at #915) - not that this matters - but I generally like to space bottles from the same producer a little farther apart, particularly when they're from a winery that I don't buy a lot of wine from. With the Jack Rabbit Flat Zin at #915 and an earlier vintage of the Old Vine Zin back at #317 gone, this depletes what little Renwood we have stowed away.


Having now looked back at those two entries, I see that I've already talked a bit about both Renwood as a winery and Amador County as a wine region. Since, naturally, I have a fair bit of catching up to do with blog entries, I don't think I'll repeat myself. I'll simply suggest that you take a look back at those entries yourself. They're captivating (tee hee).

I'll confirm that the Zin was big and juicy, as expected, though and it was just what Valentine's Day calls for in our household. When done and lounging back though, contemplating the bottle that was, I couldn't help wondering if it was worth the $40 price tag and five years worth of ageing? We don't tend to drink an awful lot of Zinfandel on a regular basis, but I know there's a good selection of wines coming into the market $10 to $20 cheaper. I may need to give them a new once over.

In the mean time, the fragrance of the roses and the wine made for a Happy Valentine's. If this is what The Days of Wine and Roses is all about, I'm all for it.

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