Saturday, February 18, 2012

Road 13 Chenin Blanc

A bit of a quick post today. Not that I didn't like the wine or anything. I'm just getting that "you're falling behind on your posts" felling again and I'd kinda like to catch up a bit before we head off Down Under.

Tonight's bottle is making a second appearance on The List, but that first bottle was the 2006 vintage and we opened it over a thousand bottles ago. At #18, it was one of the first bottles opened on this Odyssey adventure. Indeed, the it was back far enough that the 2006 vintage was still released under the old winery name of Golden Mile. Things can change quickly in the BC wine scene - and I've got to try all that much harder to keep up.

1067. Road 13 - Old Vines Chenin Blanc (VQA Okanagan Valley)

There isn't a lot of Chenin Blanc grown in the Okanagan. Chenin's fame (or notoriety) as a varietal is associated far more with wines from the Loire Valley in France and from South Africa. There was (is?) a lot of Chenin grown in California as well; however, it is largely used for lower end, simple wines. The fact that Road 13's vines are 40 years old is rather astounding. 40 years of age makes those Chenin Blanc vines among the oldest of any vines in the Okanagan Valley.

I've previously mentioned in the blog that Road 13 has changed its core outlook in wine production in that, over the last couple of years, they have been phasing out many of their varietal wines in favour of making blends. They feel that the blends are more capable of capturing the real essence of what the Okanagan's terroir can be. There isn't a lot of it made; however, thus far, the Chenin Blanc has continued to survive as a varietal wine. I couldn't find any reference to the 2007 vintage, but small amounts of Reisling and Muscat have been used to up the ante of the Chenin flavour profile over the last so many vintages.

I thought the wine was pleasant enough. We maybe should have opened our bottle a little while ago as the reviews I saw tend to speak of more noticeable fruit than I tasted, but the bottle was under screw cap and should have kept its flavour profile longer than if it had been bottled under cork.

I might be more interested in trying Road 13's sparkling brut wine before I reach for the dry Chenin again though. The winery's bubbly, like those found in the Loire and South Africa, is Chenin based. I should think that must be a rather unique wine for BC.

There will definitely be more trips down Road 13 before this Odyssey comes to an end. I think I'm a little more inclined to their reds though. Guess we'll see.

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