Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Eve

Undoubtedly, one of the least enjoyable aspects of shift work is the fact that you're often found working the times you'd rather be at home with family. Boo's problem is that hospitals don't tend to close down for Christmas. At least he got home before Christmas Eve was completely done.

And what could be better than coming home on Christmas Eve, after a long day's work, than being greeted at the door with a kiss under the mistletoe and a martini? Well, I suppose following that up with a nice dinner and a special bottle of wine doesn't hurt. At my age, I tend to shy away from martinis and wine on the same evening - but Christmas Eve, like Santa, only comes once a year and I can, hopefully, sleep in and sleep off any ill effects Christmas morning.

1027. 2002 Peter Lehmann 8 Songs Shiraz (Barossa Valley - Australia)

This beauty of a bottle was a gift of Christmas past from my niece, Skeletor, (and my sis, Vixen, seeing as how Skeletor would have been ten at the time and wouldn't have had any money of her own). She was allowed to pick any bottle that she wanted and she liked this label. Little did she know that, from past experience, we knew that we were fans of the wine and that 2002 was an outstanding vintage Down Under.

Oh yeah, BTW, Skeletor is 13 now and says she's out-grown the Skeletor bit. As an early Christmas present, she will now - from here on out - be known as Melmo.

As mentioned, Boo and I knew this was a keeper of wine - we just didn't want to have to keep it forever. I was actually a tad surprised - and truly impressed - by the lovely balance of the wine. No fruit bomb, this Aussie Shiraz. Don't get me wrong, there was plenty o' fruit - deep, dark fruit at that - but it was balanced with a softness in the tannins and an overall roundness of mouthfeel. It was a perfect way to enjoy the balance of the evening in front of the fireplace.

Melmo - or anyone for that matter - is welcome to give us another bottle at any time. Santa?

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