Friday, December 23, 2011

A C&C Christmas

1026. 2006 Luis Segundo Correas - Las Acequias Malbec Oak (Mendoza - Argentina)

As nice as the Inniskillin Malbec might have been at Elzee's last night, it was an entirely different wine from this Argentine Malbec that Boss brought along for the gang to finish off before everyone headed their different ways for the holidays. This is the kind of Malbec that Argentina has become famous for - big body, overwhelming fruit and not overly complicated. It was an easy sipper standing around after the last file had been closed for the day - but it met with unanimous approval from the boys (none of the gals stuck around - wine or not).

This isn't a producer that I was familiar with, but it would seem that I have the Boss somewhat trained. He actually told me that he took out his iPhone and searched the blog to make sure that I haven't had this bottle before. Such dedication. If I could only train everyone that brings a bottle by our place to do the same! I might reach 2001 Bottles a fair bit faster.

The Luis Segundo Correas vineyard and winery have been around for many a year - whether I know of them or not. The Correas family arrived in Argentina at the end of the 16th Century and their viticultural history began in 1860. They currently make wines under five brands and they do so exclusively from estate grown grapes. The Las Acequias brand appears to be a mid-range label, as the $20 price tag in the province's liquor stores would seem to indicate for an Argentine wine.

Not a bad way to end the final working day before Christmas. I think we'll need to work a few more of these week-cappers into the schedule.

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