Sunday, October 16, 2011

Big Trucker Day

With all the years my cohorts and I have been adding up lately, we don't tend to worry much about forgetting birthdays. Vixen, my sis, wasn't about to let her man's b-day go unnoticed though. She put together a bit of a gathering for dinner at the local pub and followed it up with a bigger group back at her place.

Big Trucker wasn't aware of anything going down and was taken by surprise as to why so many folks had shown up at the pub. He was even more surprised when his Miami Dolphins ice cream cake arrived. Being a true fanatic about the team, he wasn't overly cooperative when it came time to cut the cake. His thoughts were that it made more sense to throw it back in the freezer and keep it for posterity. After all, getting a Dolphins cake in BC Lions country isn't likely to be a regular occurrence.

The wine list at the pub was rather lacking. So, the only bottle being added to The List was the one that I opened back at Vixen's place.

960. 2008 Terra Andina Merlot (Valle Central - Chile)

Known in our market as a good value label, I grabbed a bottle of the Terra Andina from the wine rack because I figured it would be a crowd pleaser among a mostly beer drinking crowd. And a beer drinking crowd it was. This might have been the only bottle of wine at the party and, yet, I was able to fill and re-fill my glass until it was time to head home.

Bright and fruity, it's an easy drinker and good for a stand-up affair. I'm not sure that it would have paired well with the second Dolphins birthday cake that appeared, but then I had to head off before that second cake was cut into. Two Dolphins cakes in one night. Who'd have ever figured?

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