Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Viognier to Muse Over

768. 2008 Muse Viognier (Vancouver Island)

Another quick post to try and catch up before the hockey playoffs start later in the week. I've mentioned previously that Viognier is making its presence known in BC as a varietal to be reckoned with. That being said, I didn't find that this bottle was overly characteristic of what I associate with the varietal - it didn't seem to have the nose or the body of other versions of the wine in our market. The wine was fine, but I wouldn't have ever guessed that it was Viognier if it hadn't stated it so on the bottle.

The label also has a sub-title of "piquant vivant" and I think that might be a little too precious - the wine didn't quite live up to the billing.

I couldn't find any reference to where the grapes were sourced. The winery is located on the Saanich Peninsula above Sidney but my guess is that the grapes were sourced from the Okanagan. I'm not so sure that Vancouver Island weather patterns are readily agreeable to ripening Viognier.

In any event, the wine might have been a-muse-ing (pardon the pun), but I think a little bigger inspiration might be needed in my glass.

I suppose we should just move on into the playoffs.

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  1. Sounds good Bob. As I suggested here is a wine you may like to try by Concha Y Toro: Winemakers Lot #148 2007; Carmenere.