Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Can You Say "Blow Out"?

Okay, even if everyone in the city was hoping for a sweep of the Blackhawks in four games straight, how stupid is it for one of the city's daily newspapers to express those desires on the front page of the paper? Like duh!! Could there be a more sure way of jinxing the prospect?

Whether The Province paper was the actual cause of the debacle that was Game 4 - and I suppose we'll never know for sure - there's absolutely no doubt that the Canucks team that showed up for the game must have had their collective mind on something other than a hockey game. A 7-2 shellacking is enough to drive a guy to drink - even more than the bottle we'd opened for the game.

777. 2008 Red Rooster Meritage (VQA Okanagan Valley)

All those "7's" proved to be a whole lot luckier for Chicago than they did for the Canucks. And I'd had such high hopes for the game. The bottle that we opened was one of the "trial" bottles I'd picked up for the 2008 vintage of Red Rooster's Meritage. This is the wine that winemaker, Karen Gillis, and general manager, Blair Dufty, chose to fill the 3L bottle I'd had painted for Boo's birthday last year. I thought we could try a smaller bottle every so often to see how it's drinking before we open the big guy.

I'm rather distraught about the game; so, since I know we'll se this wine again, I'll just wait until we open the special bottle before I discuss the wine more.

At least the wine performed substantially better than the team did. Many more games like this one and we might need to open that big bottle - a lot sooner than we might otherwise need to - just to drown our sorrows.

Good thing I've got another bottle of Red Rooster that we can open for Game 5.

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