Monday, November 15, 2010

Red Rooster Pinot Noir

Regular readers of the blog (and most of our drinking buddies) know that Boo and I have "adopted" a row of Malbec vines through Red Rooster's novel - and very fun - wine program. Part of the benefits to being an adoptive parent is that you receive a case of wine every year - and our case for this year just arrived (along with a few other bottles that somehow seemed to slip through Boo's "No buy Leash" restraint).

Despite the fact that a number of Red Rooster wines have made The List, we still have more than a couple bottles currently residing in our home. I think we need to open a few of them to free up some space.

644. 2005 Red Rooster Pinot Noir (VQA Okanagan Valley)

I have a feeling that the Pinot Noir might be one of our "parental" bottles from a few years back. I don't usually lean towards Red Rooster for its Pinot Noir. They make a lot of different varietals, but I've never personally thought of the Pinot as being their strongest - at least not the Pinot Noir. Neither as nuanced as more traditional Old World Pinot, nor as boldly structured as some of the bigger New World entries, this rather straddled both worlds but didn't really capture enough of either to really whet my whistle.

Naturally, I feel like I'm saying naughty things about one of the children, but this was a wine made by the previous regime at Red Rooster. Perhaps the Pinot, under current winemaker Karen Gillis, will show a different side yet again. I have more than a feeling that we'll get the opportunity to discover that possibility.

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