Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Unknown Baumann Reisling

It would appear that there are times when I'm just not going to be able to find out much about a wine or winery. This may well be one of those occasions.

633. 2007 Domaine Baumann Riesling [ClassiQ] (AOC Alsace - France)

Not being someone who regularly gravitates to Alsatian wines, it would have been nice to learn a little bit about the origins of the evening's juice - particularly when this North-East part of France is probably best known by its producers than by particular villages or vineyards. Although Alsace does have vineyards that have been declared Grand Cru; not all of the wineries subscribe to that system (including even some of the best known producers). So, it helps to know something about who's bottle you're buying. I thought trying and finding out about a previously unknown winery might provide a new twist. Guess it wasn't to be.

Alsatian appellation rules permit the planting of nine different varietals; however, most of the production is white and the majority of that wine is Riesling, Pinot Gris, Gewurztraminer, Muscat or Pinot Blanc. Perhaps because of that leeway, Alsace is, interestingly, the one region in France that has labeled its wine varietally for over a century now.

Domaine Baumaunn certainly appears to be marketing this wine to a more modern market. The label doesn't look anything like the traditional, Old World label of the big producers in the region. Even the extra twists in naming the wine [ClassiQ] are a little out there and reminiscent of [yellow tail]'s marketing. If it is modernity the winery is striving for, they might want to ensure that their website is working. The bottle refers to a website address but I got nothing when I hit it on more than a couple of occasions.

Ah well, for all the attempt that was made to find out about the wine, I don't know that finding more would have made much difference down the line. Riesling is a varietal that is adaptable to all sorts of styles and I'm definitely a big fan - but I can't say that this was a bottle that I'd look to visit again. The label referred to "scents of lime and ripe flavours of apple and quince" but the wine in my glass didn't seem to deliver any of that. Rather, there was plenty of acidity (also mentioned on the label) but there was no discernible fruit - or any other enjoyable note - to my palate.

Baumann may just remain an unexplored mystery in our house.

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  1. Bob - the web site is but is French (English pages of the site are under construction). Le Riesling is the 'Hiver' (winter) selection.