Monday, January 11, 2010

Nichol Syrah

321. 2003 Nichol Vineyard Syrah Reservare (Naramata - Okanagan)

This is the fifth bottle that we've opened and added to The List from Nichol - and our second Syrah (the first was the 2000 back at #93). So, considering the fact that I'm still well behind on my posts, I'm not going to go into anything further about the winery at this time or about Nichol's history and approach with Syrah. It is probably worth mentioning, however, that this vintage won a silver medal at the Northwest Wine Summit - one of the more prestigious wine competitions that a number of BC wineries enter.

I will also say that starting this blog has motivated me to pull more bottles out of the boxes in the closet. It's nice to finally start to open a number of these bottles that we bought some years ago - particularly since a great number of them are BC bottles and, on the whole, they're holding up just fine.

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