Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Well-Earned Reward

I think my very favourite place in New York is Bethesda Fountain and Terrace in Central Park. It doesn't seem to matter what the weather is or how crowded the area is, I simply love the spot! To add to the allure of the spot, when Boo and I were paying a quick visit, there was a lone musician playing jazzy, bluesy saxophone. Before we'd left, a Japanese gentleman stepped up to the jazzman and pulled out a harmonica and started to play along. They riffed back and forth until we had to keep on moving.

As much as I'd have loved to crack a bottle right then and there, we were on a mission. Places to see, museums to visit and clothes to buy.

I was rather shocked today, we were making the obligatory visit to Century 21 to check out the clothes on hand. Now, Boo is NOT a clothes-hound, nor is he known to be a willing shopper. But, he actually outlasted me today as we kept ourselves occupied for probably close to three hours - a previously unheard of feat.

And, speaking of feet, our's were dead tired after the shopping, so it was back home with our cache of fashion statements - where we rewarded ourselves with a well-earned glass of - what else? - wine.

86. 2007 Le Rose de Phelan Segur (Bordeaux Rose AOC)

When picking up the bottle at our new-found, favourite wine purveyor, I knew he recommended this French rose. What I didn't realize - until we were back at the B&B and took a look at the label - was that it was a rose from Bordeaux. I didn't even know that there was much rose produced in the region. I certainly don't think that I've ever tried one before.

Turns out that, of all the wine produced in Bordeaux, rose wines only account for about 3% of the area's wines. I didn't find a whole lot of other information about the Rose AOC or about the winery though.

Chateau Phelan Segur is a well regarded Cru Bourgeois producer in the Ste. Estephe region. There are no regulations regarding rose wines in the area. So, the wines must carry the generic Bordeaux Rose title. I saw that the appellation requires that all rose wines must be made solely from red grapes; however, after that, there appear to be a great many approaches to the method of productions. I didn't see any specifications about this wine, but the winery is known for large plantings of cabernet sauvignon. I might hazard a guess and wonder if this wine isn't based more on cab franc - seeing as how the grape will be planted for the red Bordeaux blends and it tends to lend itself to a number of other roses you find on the market.

In any event, the wine was fresh and fruity and was just what was needed after a hard morning of shopping.

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