Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Changing of The Guard

No wine to report on from this evening even though there was plenty of wine to be tried. It was the Annual General Meeting for the BC Wine Appreciation Society and there was plenty happening.

The society has been around for five or six years now and, for as long as I've been around (which was pretty early on), the two foremost personalities behind the organization were Tim Ellison and Francis Dorsemaine. Last fall, we saw Francis resign due to changes in his personal life.

That was a big shift in itself, but, as of this week's AGM, Tim has resigned as the President of BCWAS. I don't think there's a person that has had the slightest association with the Society who has not been struck by Tim's gregarious presence. There really was no possibility of a dull moment with Tim at the helm. I mean, really, who else could actually get away with describing the signs of a corked wine by stating that "if the wine has an aroma of Satan's anus, it is bound to be compromised." My apologies to Tim if I didn't get the quote perfectly, but you get the point.

And, if comments like that didn't keep your attention, the man's choice in ties and socks alone was likely enough to ensure you stayed awake at any Society tastings. It didn't hurt, however, that he knows his stuff.

I hope he keeps his word that he intends to still be a presence in the Society. Things would just seem so much tamer without him.

A big shout out to both Tim and Francis for all their hard work over the years. And good luck to Brian and the new Executive. Here's hoping that BCWAS continues to grow in its stature. If the last couple of years is any indication, it's on firm footing.

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