Saturday, June 27, 2015


Consider this is a wine blog, it's far more likely that you'd see a #LoveWine hashtag on the blog or my Twitter account. Today, however, it was #LoveWins all over the internet. It was definitely a long time coming for our American friends but, today, folks all over are celebrating the United States Supreme Court's historic ruling to allow same sex marriage.

Boo and I are already legally married here in Canada; however, Boo is still an American citizen and, before now, there was little chance of him ever returning to his country of birth on a permanent basis if he wanted me to be able to cross the border with him. I don't know that the day would ever come where we wanted to move to the States but it makes a world of difference to know that it might actually be possible.

1941.  Intrigue - I Do Rosé (Okanagan Valley VQA)

It only seemed fitting that we celebrate the Court's ruling with some bubbles. It also seemed appropriate to pop the cork on a bottle of I Do, Intrigue's sparkling wine that's aimed (shall we say rather blatantly) at the wedding market.

The folks at Intrigue might be aiming for the traditional wedding market but that's about all that's traditional about their I Do. The wine is a sparkly Riesling that utilizes a splash of Merlot to add the pink colour. It's also opted for a fruitier profile, particularly strawberry, as opposed to the yeast-heavy, traditional method sparkling wines that are being delightfully produced in the Okanagan.

An easy sipper. Sure. But I'm all for easily accessible bubblies to draw the great unwashed into the joys of sparkling wines on an everyday basis. It was quite the surprise when Boo and I found out just how popular bubbles are Down Under. They don't need a special occasion - any occasion that involves wine is special enough for bubbles. We could use a little more of that sparkling attitude here in North America.

Today's ruling and celebrations certainly didn't hurt that cause. I trust there were all sorts of corks popping.

Now to get the Aussies to go the route of allowing same sex marriage. After all, they already know how to pop the cork in celebration.

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