Thursday, July 3, 2014

A Delectable Pinot Gris

Where did all the photos go? It seems that, as soon as Merlot Boy and Margarita boarded a plane to take the #2Kangaroo Tour for a week of adventure in NYC, I forgot how the camera worked. Despite probably my needing to de-tox after spending a week with the Aussies, Boo and I did continue to enjoy a glass or two while we awaited their return. I just can't find any pictures of what we drank - except for a few on my phone or those that I downloaded onto my Delectable account.

1666.  2012 Nichol Pinot Gris (Naramata Bench - Okanagan Valley)

There's a lot of Pinot Gris produced in British Columbia. Indeed, it's the most widely planted white grape variety in the province - and it's easy to find a range of styles, from bone dry to light and fruity with a touch of sweet.

I've always like Nichol Vineyards' somewhat unique take on the grape.

Although Pinot Gris was named after a gray-ish tone often found to its skin ("gris" being French for "grey"), the grape's colouring can vary a fair bit - from a deep golden yellow through copper to brownish pink and darker. That colouring permits wineries - like Nichol and its neighbour Kettle Valley - to leave the crushed juice on its skins for a bit of time to impart some additional body, flavour ... and colour. For this 2012 vintage, the back label says that the juice is given "up to 36 hours of skin contact" - and you could easily mistake it for a Rosé.

Nichol's style also differs somewhat in that they also ferment a portion of their Pinot Gris in neutral, French oak, thereby adding a touch more body and complexity.

I think this is the fourth vintage of Nichol's Pinot Gris that I'm adding to The List. So, I won't go on any further about the winery or their Pinot Gris, but I can add a link to a post I wrote back in 2011 when the 2009 vintage was added as #904. You can easily head there for a little more extensive account should you desire.

Me, I'd like to find out why I don't have any photos for a whack of wines. Like I need another delay factor in my writing here.

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