Monday, April 22, 2013

A Run, A Broom and Some Bubbles

Busy day today.

Photo from Vancouver Province
The morning started off with the 2013 Vancouver Sun Run. Coming only a week after the Boston Marathon bombings, there was a special feel to this year's run - particularly as much of the course and many of the runners were decked out in blue and yellow - the colours of the Boston Marathon.

My "training" for the annual 10k jaunt hadn't been what it might have - or, perhaps, should have - been. So, I wasn't expecting to set any personal bests or anything similar. I did, however, have a bit of a time deadline hanging over my head.

Our curling season was coming to an end today and I needed to get to our playoff game on time and in a reasonable state. The run started at 9.00 a.m. and I had to finish my run, get home, shower and make it to the curling rink by noon. There wasn't going to be much time to hang around with 50,000 or so of my closest running buddies.

Luckily, I made it to the curling rink with a couple of minutes to spare. Unfortunately, we lost our playoff game.

The good thing about our league is that, win or lose, there's generally going to be a little something to drink after the game. We drowned the sorrows of our season-ending loss with a beer and, promptly, headed off to get ready for the league's closing "banquet" that evening. Seeing as how Kaz lives only two blocks from the banquet location, he invited Fisher, M'og and me to meet at his place for a further cocktail before joining up with the other teams.

1293.  N.V. Chamdeville Blanc de Blancs Brut (Bordeaux - France)

To toast the season that was, Kaz popped a celebratory cork on a bubbly that's new to me. I couldn't find out any information on the wine during a bit of an internet search - other than it seems to be readily available in all sorts of markets. Given its approachable price of $15 (in the Vancouver market) and its "generic" pedigree, I'd assume this is a commercially produced, value-priced, crowd pleaser. And, please our crowd is exactly what it did.

I don't think this Chamdeville will ever be confused with higher end Champagne but I can see it taking the place of any number of Cava's or Prosecco's as a regular pour. Quite pleasant on its own, it could easily pair with OJ for brunch or with Aperol when lounging in the back yard, dreaming of Venice. It was well worth taking a note of the label.

After our quick celebration, it was off to our beer-guzzling curling buds and a few last cheers before we all took the summer off from the ice and brooms. Between the run, the curling, the beer and the bubbles, I was fairly tuckered and called it an early night - leaving the real partying to the younger guns. Busy day, indeed.

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