Friday, November 2, 2012

Jack Craves a Little CedarCreek Syrah

1275. 2003 CedarCreek Syrah (VQA Okanagan Valley)

I think our pumpkin had its mouth wide open because it wanted more of this wine.  As in, you know, like "open wide."

Once again, I found myself opening an older vintage wine (for BC wines anyhow) with a bit of trepidation.  CedarCreek is certainly one of the established guard in BC wines - and it's a well earned reputation - but I'm not sure that even they see a lot of their wines being opened almost a decade later.  This particular bottle doesn't even show up on the winery's handy Maturation Chart.

There needn't have been any concern with this bottle though.  All it did was remind me of how much I loved the 2005 vintage of this wine - and that was possibly my favourite CedarCreek wine of all time.

Velvety smooth, with nice dark fruit.  This was the only bottle that we have and that's the only sad thing about the bottle.

I can't recall having tried any of CedarCreek's more recent vintages of Syrah.  Obviously, I should be. Syrah just isn't the first varietal that comes to mind when I think CedarCreek.  Their Platinum Pinot Noir and Ehrenfelser wines, admittedly, are likely foremost.  I think I might need to keep an eye open for a couple of the more recent bottles though.

I'd hate to be missing out - because the pumpkin got them instead of me.

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