Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Great Unknown

This will have to be a bit of brief post - and not because I simply don't have anything to say about the dinner or the wine. Rather, for whatever reason, none of the pictures that we took at dinner seem to have survived the transfer from chip to computer. Hence, I don't rightly remember what the wine is that I'm going to add to The List.

Following our respective daytime activities - whether they be trolley picnic or swamp tour - the four of us made our way out to dinner. We had a restaurant in mind - Mr. B's Bistro, a New Orleans tradition - but it was on the other side of the French Quarter and we might have been persuaded to dine elsewhere if the right opportunity presented itself. In the meantime, as we wandered in search of Mr. B's, we took in more of the wild window displays and signs that populate the Quarter. November is pretty tame time of year for The Big Easy, but you'd never guess that by the excitement that screams from the windows.

We did find Mr. B's eventually and, luckily, got in without a reservation. We had no idea how popular or big the restaurant was. The place was hopping when we arrived around 8.30, but we were totally surprised at how quickly it emptied out. By the time we'd finished our dessert, we were one of the last tables - and it wasn't like we over-stayed our welcome. Guess folks just like to finish their meals early so that they can carry on with their partying in the streets.

As mentioned, we only have a couple of pictures from the dinner and none of them are of the wine bottle. We have shots of the wine filled wine glass accompanying Boo's pork belly and we have a shot of the bacon-wrapped shrimp and grits - that had to be one of the culinary delights of the entire trip - but nothing of the bottle itself. I know we took a few pictures because I had to ask our server if he'd leave the bottle on the table so that I could take a better look. Those computer gremlins. What can I say?

983. some Washington State Syrah (Washington State)

I do remember that we ordered a Washington State Syrah because 1) I was surprised that a restaurant, the calibre of Mr. B's, only served American wines and 2) I found it ironic that we'd flown to the opposite corner of the continent to order a Washington wine that was basically made right next to our back door. I took a look at the restaurant website to see if they posted their wine list, but such was not the case. I suppose this wine will forever have to remain a mystery.

I'm still counting it though. I'm not about to let a dinner like this go buy unaccounted for.

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