Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Seven Stones Chard

I must be pulling wines from a particular box because, without a determined theme or my even noticing a trend, the last three wines that I've opened are all from Boo's and my drive through parts of the Similkameen and Okanagan Valleys on our way to Boo's mom's place in the Kootenays last summer. We only made quick, run and gun stops at five wineries and the last three wines were all picked up at those stops - Forbidden Fruit, Twisted Tree and, now, Seven Stones.

During our last couple of trips from the Kootenays, we'd noticed a new winery sign while driving Highway 3 between Cawston and Osoyoos. We'd never passed by when the winery was open however. This time it was. And lucky for us because - despite being on a tight schedule for time - we had a delightful little visit with one of the owners, Vivianne Hanson. She was a gracious host and was full of thoroughly entertaining stories about setting up the vineyard and winery. She and her husband, George, may have only opened the winery in 2007, but there a full slate of tales from the years leading up to the initial 2005 vintage.

705. 2008 Seven Stones Speaking Rock Chardonnay (Similkameen Valley)

It's interesting, for me anyhow, that this first bottle of Seven Stones to be added to The List is a white. Of the nine wines currently produced at the winery, this is the only white and, while we left with a full case (so much for Boo's "No Buy Leash"), we certainly focused on the reds as well.

I like the fact that the Hanson's utilize both limited oak and sur lies treatments for their aging and fermentation of the Chardonnay, but I found the wine to be a bit bold for my tastes. It may have been the meal pairing but I think a grilled chicken breast should have matched up nicely. A second glass, without food, didn't move me any differently.

That wasn't how I'd remembered our tasting at the winery itself. So, I was a little saddened that I didn't enjoy it as much. It won't be the last time we'll try the wine though because Seven Stones is definitely off to go great start.

I'm going to look forward to opening one of the reds that we bought though. Hopefully, I'll be able to gush a little more after those sips.

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